Relevant publications (selection)

N. Cleju.Optimized Projections for Compressed Sensing via Rank-Constrained Nearest Correlation Matrix”, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 2013.

N. Cleju, N. Thomos and P. Frossard.Selection of Network Coding Nodes for Minimal Playback Delay in Streaming Overlays”, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 13, num. 5, p. 1103-1115, 2011.

N.Cleju, M.G.Jafari, M.D.Plumbley. "Analysis-Based Sparse Reconstruction With Synthesis-Based Solvers", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing – ICASSP 2012, Kyoto, Japan. ISBN: 978-1-4673-0044-5

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Research interests

Compressed sensing and sparse signal representations, feature extraction and classification, image / video processing.

Network coding, video streaming in overlay and peer-to-peer networks.

Parallel / randomized algorithms, GPU programming