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Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC), 2004

     In 2004, for the first time in its history, the "Gh. Asachi" Technical University participated at the Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC) organized by IEEE Computer Society ( This competition is one dedicated only to the undergraduate students.

     From our university two teams of students participated. One of them, formed by three undergraduate students (all in the second year and all from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication), was mentored by me.

     At this competition took part nearly 250 teams from 144 universities from 53 countries (official information), all the teams with practical implementation of original computer-based solutions to real-world problems. The theme for CSIDC 2004 was "Making the Word a Safer Place". A basic rule of the competition was that no more than only one team could represent one university.

     Hence, after a local competition (the results) and other two international selection phases, based on an intermarry report and, respectively, on the finally report we entered in the world finalist group with the project entitled "The LoRD - A New Approach on Emergency Handling" . Finally, we missed for a little to be within the first 10 selected teams (certificate of participation).