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       In 1955 acad. Cristofor Simionescu and prof. Ion Curievici had the initiative of founding a technical museum hosted in the Palace of Culture. Initially it was named the Polytechnical Museum due to the multitude of technical fields it was going to approach. In 1994, the museum was entitled "Stefan Procopiu" Science and Technique Museum, to the honour of the great scholar of Iasi.
      The first section, opened to the public on 1 March 1961, "Energetics", illustrates by original items, maquettes and functioning models, the main forms of energy and their applications. Five years later, a genuine section was added to the museum circuit: "Sound Recording and Playback", which in 1972 was assigned a threefold bigger space. Due to the accumulation of a considerable inventory of items pertaining to the fields of telegraphy, telephony, radiocommunications and television, the "Telecommunications" section was inaugurated in November 1984. In 1991, “Poni–Cernatescu” Memorial Museum was opened, being dedicated to the achievements of scholars of Iasi in the field of chemistry, while in 1997 "Stefan Procopiu" Science and Technique Museum inaugurated another permanent section "Mineralogy- Crystallography" created mainly on the basis of the donation received from collector Constantin Gruescu of Ocna de Fier.

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