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Culture, education and fun: mechanical music instruments and their epoch.

        Initiated by "Stefan Procopiu” Science and Technique Museum in order to promote a very valuable collection of mechanical music instruments, unique in Romania, the Mechanical Music Festival brings back to life the flavour of other epochs when music automata were used indoors, in living rooms or cafes and outdoors, in the streets, carried by walking singers. Even nowadays musical boxes, mechanical pianos, orchestrions and street organs fascinate by their art, technical inventiveness and interpretative art.
        The first edition of the Mechanical Music Festival took place in September 1999 and enjoyed the participation of numerous guests from museums and collectors of Romania, but also of the great public, whatever the age or education. The following year, in September 2000, the Mechanical Music Festival was also attended by international professionals.
        In 2002, the Mechanical Music Festival was marked by the presence of two players/singers of France who assured the main attraction of the event.

         The programme included:

- Opening ceremony of the Mechanical Music Festival, 3rd edition (Henri Coanda Room, Palace of Culture)
- Inauguration of the exhibition”Mechanical Music - education and fun”
Interactive visits for the great public of all ages
Recital of harmonium: artist Octavian Iacob
- Symposium: History of Mechanical Music and Conservation-Restoration Problems of Music Automata
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Horia Nicolai -Teodorescu – Distance Member of the Romanian Academy
- Music Café "Nostalgy of Iasi …”
- Chamber music concerto:
Artists: Veronica Roter – violion, Elena Dorobantu – viola, Cornelia Droahna - violoncello
- Book launching: "Jocul cu umbrele” by Cristina Elena Pîrau
- Show prepared by groups of children from the Children's Palace (dance, fanfare and puppet theatre)
- Classic guitar played by Florin Lazarescu
- Folk music played by Serban Axinte, Magda Axinte, Razvan Duta
- Street singers:
Gilles Butin and Daniel Dupleix (France)

        The recital included French songs, folk music, Belle Epoque, Piaf, Montand, Mariano, Fauré, Brel, Lapointe and personal creations
- "Dracula” Fanfare of Pietris, Iasi; conducted by Sommerfeld Preda - sax player
- Trip: Ruginoasa, Agapia Monastery, Varatec Monastery, Neamt Monastery, Secu Monastery, Sihastria Monastery, Neamt Fortress.
        Still at the beginning, the organizers of the Mechanical Music Festival hope that the city of Iasi will soon become an attractive meeting place for the numerous fans of mechanical music throughout the world.
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