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Constantin Gruescu
          Constantin Gruescu was born on 12 April 1924 in the rural commune Dognecea, the district of Caras- Severin, being the descendant of generations of miners.
          Since his youth, he looked for and investigated crystals and minerals locally available and starting from 1945, throughout more than 50 years, he achieved an impressive collection of several thousands of samples. These mineralogical items are representative for almost all metallogene zones of Romania, but especially for Banat, (Ocna de Fier ,Dognecea ,Sasca Montana, Moldova Noua).
          At the same time, Constantin Gruescu managed to get, by exchanges or acquisitions, numerous samples from abroad.
          In Ocna de Fier, in the upper part of the Delius deposits, in the geodes, he discovered the “Gruescu macle” and the Japanese macle, formed by the juxtaposition of two crystalline quartz items up to 7cm height, in an angle of about 90 degrees.
“Constantin Gruescu” Aesthetic Mineralogy Museum of Ocna de Fier is visited and appreciated by numerous specialists of Romania, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Russia, Egypt, Liban, Hungary, etc.
Mr. Constantin Gruescu is a member of the Society of Geographic Sciences in Romania and of the International Association of Mineralogists in Basel (Switzerland).
In the guest book, geologist Marcian Bleahu wrote the following remark on the ample collection: “Romania has a subsoil rich in real works of mineral art. Such a proof: the collection of Constantin Gruescu, in Ocna de Fier”.

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