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General presentation

universityFollowing the 2011 national evaluation round, our University is recognized as an Advanced Education and Research University (the highest category in Romania). Our Faculty is classified as a class-A higher education institution, ranked on the second place among all Romanian faculties of Electronics and Telecommunications.
Our Faculty offers 4-years Bachelor programmes (according to the Bologna training scheme), followed by Master and PhD studies. All degrees are recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education.
Fields of specialization: Communications, Microtechnologies, Applied Electronics. All fields of specialization start in the third year of study, following a common two-year basic education.
Departments: Communications | Applied Electronics and Intelligent Systems | Fundamentals of Electronics | Mathematics

A page of history

university oldThe origin of Higher Education in Iasi dates back to 16th century, mainly related to humanistic studies.

Our University has the oldest tradition in engineering education among all Romanian higher education institutions. Its roots may be traced back to 1813, when first courses related to topography were established.

 “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi was founded in 1937. The Department of Electronics was established in 1971 as a branch of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
Nowadays the University includes 11 faculties, covering 27 fields and 56 specializations of study. We have more than 16000 students, and about 950 academic staff.
We offer 4-years undergraduate programmes (according to the Bologna training scheme), followed by Master and PhD studies.

Meet Our Town

Image 1 Discover Iasi, its cultural heritage, current development, and bright perspectives.